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Enjoy our classic pastries and the new creations in a sharing format.
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Angelina brings you one of the great classics of French pastry.

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Choc Africain

Rediscover the rich aromatic strength of dark chocolate and all the smooth creaminess of the famous "African" Angelina hot chocolate in this superb pastry.

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Tarte citron

The Angelina lemon tart perfectly balances the acidity of the lemon and lime with a meltingly creamy texture.

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This basic essential in the French pastry repertoire has been reinterpreted by Angelina chefs. The caramelised pastry layers contrast with a light vanilla cream of which the aromas are highlighted by the infusion of the vanilla pods.

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The quintessential French pastry, the Opéra combines coffee and chocolate flavours with soft Joconde biscuit. The Angelina pastry chefs take it to another level of deliciousness with the addition of a crispy praline layer.

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Mont-Blanc pistache

Angelina pastry chefs decided to twist the signature pastry with this exclusive pistachio version. Along his remarkable design, this Mont-Blanc offers a fine pistachio taste.

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Rubis fraise-basilic

Among this winter collection, the rubis fraise-basilic stands out with its lightness, its fruity flavours and its delicate and elegant shape.

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Trocadéro is a comforting and delicate creation to go through winter : the perfect association of the milk chocolate ganache and light whipped cream, and the crunchiness of the biscuit.

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The Mont-Blanc is Angelina's signature pastry. Discover the entremet format to share.

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