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A delightful collaboration... Angelina X Goutal !

One is a legendary institution that has been delighting Paris and its visitors since 1903. The other inaugurated the family of gourmets in perfumery. For the 40th anniversary of Maison Goutal, Angelina's pastry chef Christophe Appert has created an exclusive pastry based on rose and pear, the iconic notes of the eponymous perfume "Petite Chérie", in the shape of the iconic butterfly ball. A collaboration that offers a unique moment of tasting, for the nose as well as the palate.

To be tasted in our Parisian shops from 1st to 30th September 2021 !

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Angelina unveils its new Spring-Summer creations, full of colour and flavour !

As the sunny days settle in, Angelina's pastry Chefs reveal their Spring-Summer 2021 collection: apricot-passion Mont-Blanc, rubarb nuage, seasonal tart, strawberry... Succumb to the delicate combinations of textures and tastes for a real journey of senses.

The collection is available in shops and on Epicery website for delivery or click & collect.

Angelina celebrates Mother's Day with its pretty creation "Confidence" !

For Mother's Day, Angelina has created a pretty creation based on macarons and red fruits. An invitation to express her maternal love. Available in two formats, a cake to share and an individual, Confidence is a moment of sharing with your mother, where you can share much more than a pastry.

You can find it in our shops, order it on our terraces or on Epicery website for delivery or click & collect.

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Angelina reveals an artist's soul with Aquarelle, a colourful chocolate creation!

For Easter, the Angelina's Chef unveils his "Aquarelle" colourful palette, as a tribute to the painter Vincent Lorant-Heilbronn, author of the majestic frescoes that adorn the walls of the tea room. This chocolate creation, made of 70% dark chocolate from the Ivory Coast and Sao Tomé, contains a sweet praline heart that perfectly matches the range of delicious macarons.

Available in Angelina shops & on Epicery from March 15th to April 11th 2021 !

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Write to her/him with your heart !

For Valentine's Day, Angelina is writing its most beautiful prose to declare its love thanks to an exclusive pastry creation, "Lettre d'amour". Created by our pastry Chef Christophe Appert, this new pastry will melt all gourmet hearts in search of romance, to sincerely express love to your loved one.

Like a poem, this delicious "Lettre d'amour" pastry contains a delicate yoghurt mousse and a creamy vanilla that goes perfectly with a blackcurrant and raspberry insert. You will also be surprised by its financier biscuit and its crispy white chocolate, all coated with an icing of which only Angelina has the secret.

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Angelina celebrates the Kings!

For the Epiphany, Angelina's pastry Chefs offer you two creations as elegant as they are tasty: the classic Galette amandes, with the traditional frangipane cream, and the Chestnut-chocolate Galette, with ANgelina's signature flavours, chocolate and chestnut sublimate this tasty galette.

Available in our shop or to order from 1st January 2021, and also available online with Epicery!

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Angelina celebrates Christmas !

When Angelina celebrates Christmas, it's done with a lot of creativity for special occasion. This year, our yule logs collection calls for travel. Our pastry Chefs unveil a collection of yule logs as beautiful as they are succulent.

Each of the 3 yule logs offers a subtle balance of textures and flavours. With 2 yule logs exclusive creation and 1 iconic yule log, you will delight your senses this Christmas.

Pre-order your yule log now:

Discover our yule log collection


Angelina collaborates with Gustave Roussy and creates "Rosalie" an exclusive pastry for Pink October

In solidarity with the fight against breast cancer, Angelina tea room creates "Rosalie" an exclusive pastry. An action in support of Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading centre for the fight against cancer, which enables a contribution to be made for each pastry sold.

For each Rosalie pastry sold, 1€ will be donated to Gustave Roussy. A commitment that shows Angelina's desire to defend causes and values that the brand cares about.


New Fall - Winter collection

Summer time is over, the light atmosphere of Fall is settling down in Paris... This time of the year has inspired Angelina's pastry chefs for this new Fall-Winter collection 2019/2020.
Discover the three new pastries of this collection : Mont-Blanc pistache, Éclair miel and Rubis fraise-basilic. The Trocadéro and Demoiselle Tatin also make their delicious comeback in this collection.

Découvrez toute la collection dans nos boutiques et salons de thé !



Celebrate Mother’s day with “Harmonie”

Angelina pastry Chefs have created a fruity and colorful pastry that perfectly combines a crunchy pistachio biscuit and a strawberry compote with tart notes. Ideal for Spring and celebrating Mothers!

To discover from May 17th to 27th in our shops and tearooms



Nabi, an exclusive creation for Musée du Luxembourg

For « Les Nabis et décor », Musée du Luxembourg exhibition, Angelina pastry Chefs have imagined « Nabi », a modern pastry creation with bright colours and soft lines combining flavours from Eastern and Western worlds. Under a light yoghurt mousse, discover a yuzu and basil heart on a lemon shortbread biscuit, an explosion of flavours.

From March 13th to June 30th at Musée du Luxembourg Angelina tearoom


Amour à Paris

For Valentine’s day, Angelina becomes the ultimate meeting place for lovers in the city of love, Paris! On this occasion, the pastry Chefs have revealed "Amour à Paris", a chocolate creation with caramel heart which will make any loved one melt.

To discover in our shops and tearooms from February 9th to 17th 2019



Celebrate the Kings with Angelina!

For the Epiphany, Angelina’s pastry Chefs suggest you two refined and gourmet creations: the Galette amande, with the traditional frangipane cream, and the Galette choco-marron, which combines chocolate and chestnut, Angelina’s most iconic products…

Available in our shops, tea rooms from January 1st 2019


Angelina's classics wear their festive clothes!

To celebrate the Holiday season, the Angelina Chefs have recreated its most iconic pastries into a collection of gourmet yule logs. The Mont-Blanc yule log, from the signature pastry, the Choc Africain yule log and the deep chocolate notes of the Angelina signature hot chocolate, and the Tentation fruits rouges yule log that brings freshness to your meal.

Available in different sizes: individual, 4/6 servings and 8/10 servings.
To discover from December 15th in our boutiques and tearooms and to place an order: +33 1 42 22 63 08



My beautiful Christmas Treasure...

As it is difficult to please everyone with the dessert choice during Christmas Eve dinners, Angelina pastry Chefs have imagined a creation yule log with different but complementary flavors that will satisfy all your guests! Composed of mini pastries with citrus, chocolate or caramel savors, this yule log is to be discovered as a wonderful treasure at the end of the meal!

"Trésor de Noël yule log" in limited edition.
To discover in our shops and tearoms from December 15th.
To order:


When know-how and creativity enhance the Mont-Blanc...

The Mont-Blanc can be declined endlessly! For this Mont-Blanc Days edition, Angelina’s pastry Chefs reinterprete the pastry drawing their inspiration from the greatest french pastry classics: a generous éclair, a gourmet tart or even a deconstructed version with a crispy meringue shell are suggested...

Come to discover these creations in our tearooms and boutiques on November 9th, 10th and 11th 2018


The new winter creations

Angelina’s Pastry chefs are opening this new season by revealing their Autumn-Winter collection for the great pleasure of pastry lovers!
Some original pastries, inspired by the most emblematic French recipes, that honour seasonal fruits: pear and apple are gently associated to caramel and praline through these creations.

Discover the whole collection in our boutiques and tearooms.



Mont-Blanc Days are coming back to Angelina!

Mont-Blanc Days are back at Angelina for a fifth edition! During these three days, Angelina will honor its signature pastry by revealing refined and ephemeral creations for everyone’s greatest happiness!

Celebrate the Mont-Blanc in our tearooms and boutiques on November 9th, 10th and 11th 2018